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Capsule endoscopy is a far less invasive alternative than a traditional endoscopy. Instead of passing a long tube through your esophagus, you swallow a capsule the size of a vitamin that contains a tiny camera. The experienced physicians at Gastrointestinal Associates of Rockland are proud to offer this exciting new diagnostic technology at their office in New City, New York. To schedule a capsule endoscopy, call the office or use the online booking tool.

Capsule Endoscopy Q & A

What is a capsule endoscopy?

A capsule endoscopy is a diagnostic imaging test that looks at your esophagus, stomach, and small intestine. It’s a minimally invasive alternative to traditional endoscopy.

In a capsule endoscopy, you simply swallow a capsule that’s no bigger than the size of a typical vitamin. Inside the capsule is a miniature camera. 

A traditional endoscopy, by contrast, requires you to be sedated while your doctor runs a long, flexible tube equipped with a camera down your throat. 

Another advantage of a capsule endoscopy is that, unlike a traditional endoscope, the capsule can access your entire small intestine.

Unlike a traditional endoscopy, your doctor can’t use a capsule endoscopy to treat bleeding, take a biopsy, or remove growths. Still, a capsule endoscopy can accurately diagnose and monitor conditions in your digestive tract and determine if you need treatment.

What conditions does a capsule endoscopy diagnose? 

Your doctor at Gastrointestinal Associates of Rockland may use a capsule endoscopy to:

  • Diagnose unexplained pain or bleeding in your digestive tract
  • Locate tumors and precancerous growths, including polyps
  • Diagnose Crohn’s disease
  • Monitor celiac disease 
  • Get more information after an X-ray or MRI

The team usually recommends capsule endoscopy to look at your upper digestive tract. However, if you can’t undergo a colonoscopy, capsule endoscopy can also screen for colon cancer.

What can I expect during my capsule endoscopy?

Though a capsule endoscopy is far less invasive than a traditional endoscopy, you still need to prepare so your doctor can get the clearest possible images. Your doctor may ask you to:

  • Fast the night before the procedure
  • Take laxatives
  • Wait until the test is over to take daily medications

During the capsule endoscopy, a recorder that you wear around your waist communicates with the camera inside the capsule. After a member of the practice’s team connects you to the recorder, you swallow the capsule. You shouldn’t feel the capsule after you swallow it.

You can leave the Gastrointestinal Associates of Rockland office during the test. If you don’t have a physically demanding job, you can likely go to work, though many people choose to take it easy the day of the procedure.

You can remove the recorder after eight hours or once you see the capsule in the toilet. Your doctor gives you instructions to return the equipment, and you get your results back after about a week.

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